Web Hosting Review offers a lot of features for a great price, but it is very tough. However, once you get the depth of its interface, you can build a great site in a very short time. Read the details of the pros and cons of this website builder in our detailed review. is one of the smallest website builders in the market and currently has over 1.5 million subscribers. In many ways, it is an amazing little diamond, with amazing features and an affordable price. Although this service is covered by the best website builders, you should definitely consider’s solution for you.

During this review, we will talk about those features and why they are important in building your website. In addition, we discuss some vulnerable service issues such as poor blog implementation and the occasional log interface.

Finally, we will finalize the service, so make sure you read it before upgrading. If you take it for a spin yourself, however, you can get your money back in 15 days

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