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Ipower offers a wide range of features for e-commerce facilities for entrepreneurs starting their own websites and for small businesses selling online.

Security, regular backup and payment gateways are integrated into most packages. When you sign up with iPower you can add commercial business email containing filters for spam mail.

IPower provides you with all the tools you need to host your business site – at an affordable price.

IPower includes flexible packages for shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. There are different hosting plans for Linux and Windows. All plans come with basics so you can make sure you are offering a professional online presence.

Partnership plans: Star, Pro and Pro Plus
All shared hosting plans have the same features but they get better as you get older. For example, the starter plan has 5GB of disk space, the rest is unlimited. Bandwidth starts at 250 GB and is scalable to others.

The introductory package comes with 5GB of disk space, 250GB of monthly data transfer and email. Free domain not included. The mid-range package comes with the option of adding free domain, unlimited disk space and up to 2,500 email addresses.

There is also no limit to the number of domains you can add, so you can host unlimited sites in one account. Bandwidth Scalable, which means you will need to upgrade to a VPS package as your site grows. The top-level package includes three free domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited email.

All other features of the three schemes are identical or similar:

1GB storage in the cloud
Spam filtering
vDeck control panel
Forwarding Accounts and Autosponder
All plans are 100% inflatable so you can enjoy eco-friendly business. This is a great selling point for your customers
Windows Pro Plan
There is only a Windows based plan. It has many features similar to shared plans, but some have more limitations and some have no restrictions.

This plan comes with unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth
You get a free domain name and the ability to host up to 25 domains
Support for over 1000 forwarding accounts and autospands
Windows Pro Plan 5 also comes with MySQL databases
You can manage your account from the vDeck 3.0 control panel
Microsoft IIS web server software included
If you want to choose between Windows based plan or Linux plan, you really need to see for yourself.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) housing options
If you are looking for virtual private server hosting, there are three plans to choose from.

The VPS package has options with all the bells and whistles without a huge price. There is also optional root access, which allows you to manage your site or have iPower experts do it for you.

All plans come with free domain name, personal email name, spam killer and email nicknames
Bandwidth and storage volume vary according to plan
Core and memory also vary
Schemes also come with a scalable cloud
All plans come with unlimited domains, subdomains, MySQL databases and FTP accounts
You manage your account from the vDeck control panel
Have access to pre-installed scripts for business
Dedicated server
There are three dedicated server plans to choose from. If you need complete control over your site, there is a special plan for you.

You will be hosted on a server that no one else has. Since you do not share the server, you have the best speed, performance and flexibility. You can choose to manage it yourself or the iPower experts will do it for you.

You get everything VPS plans offer and you have no restrictions on the amount and types you can install.

Plans vary depending on the memory, storage and bandwidth you receive.
You will get 3, 4 or 5 IP addresses
You can run many sites with a high level of traffic and easily control e-commerce sites through these schemes.
Comprehensive accommodation
WordPress is the most popular CMS, and most web hosts have plans for WordPress.

IPower‌ includes WordPress hosting plans:

Free domain
Customized control panel
Some curated, pre-installed themes
Major plugins like Jet‌pack
Security bundle
Personalized Professional WordPress
Daily backup
SSDs for Speed ​​(Solid-State Drives)
Unlimited disk space
Support for unlimited website visitors.
VDECK control panel is easy to use
IPower uses the vDeck control panel, from where you can use many tools to improve the look and performance of your website.

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