InterServer Review: Host Performance Stats & Special Promo

InterServer was founded in 1999 by Seacax, New Jersey. Initially, InterServer focused on revamping web hosting plans. Although it is still a small part of their business, they have grown to a level where they can focus on web hosting.

His clients range from single-owner, small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Today, InterServer does all the work associated with their hosting business, building their own servers, developing fiber-optic networks across the country (yes, they dig dirt, lay lines) and customize their Linux kernel.

They use high-quality hardware and they pride themselves on underestimating their repetition and resources to ensure the right performance and timeliness for you regardless of what web hosting plan you have.

What is the type to declare?
Like every other web hosting service, partnership plans are cheaper, followed by VPS, dedicated and, finally, their collection plans. However, InterServer offers different “levels” on each plan so that you can select and pay only for the resources you need.

This means you will occasionally see lower level plans than higher level plans. For example, a plan at the top end of the VPS price spectrum will cost more than a dedicated hosting plan at the bottom end.

9 types of hosting plans
As a full-service web hosting provider, InterServer offers the following types of web hosting:

Shared hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Cloud hosting
Dedicated hosting
Colocasting hosting
Reseller hosting
Quick server hosting
Custom hosting
Two of the most popular types of interserver offerings are cloud hosting and VPS hosting. Below we will look at what each type of hosting means for your business.

VPS hosting
VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting solutions available in the market today. It is made available to users through the interserver, Bluehost and other top hosting providers.

What is VPS Hosting?
VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting occurs when a large server is divided into several smaller virtual servers, each of which acts as an independent environment.

This may sound like shared hosting, but with VPS hosting you have resources that are unique to your needs.

Cloud Housing
Cloud hosting is a good choice for small businesses that need to be scaled quickly and easily. This may be due to a rapid increase in the number of traffic jams or a sudden increase in traffic from your marketing campaigns.

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting means that data is stored in the cloud on several different web servers instead of a single shared or dedicated server.

The result is web hosting
InterServer offers five different reseller web hosting packages. The primary difference between packages is the amount of space allocated and the maximum bandwidth that you and your partners can use.

Choose your Defending Ancestors
Regardless of which package you use, you get web host manager for client management, unlimited domains, access to one-click scripts, and MySQL databases running on solid state drives.

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