HostGator Web Hosting Review

HostGator may be one of the largest, oldest web hosting companies in the industry, but they are still improving, delivering an average time of 99.98% over the past 24 months.

Their basic shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, free domain (first year), and a free SSL certificate. They also have great customer service, who connect with live chat instantly and answer each question in a few seconds each.

Unfortunately, HostGator’s standard page loading times have dropped (average 1191ms). Many additional services, such as backup and security, will be considered additional costs. Also, renewal rates increase sharply after the end of your first term.

Here is a complete overview of our experiment, using third-party data from Pingdom to enlighten their performance.

Benefits of Using HostGator Shared
HostGator time management has been a problem in recent years. But that is not the case, based on our 24-month follow-up.

Moreover, their customer service was fast and friendly. They will help you move your site to their free service. And beginners will love the many simple, accurate options geared to their path.

Here is a quick summary:

1. 99.98% Stable Time
HostGator posted a 99.98% downtime over the past 24 months. They have been accompanied by a 99.98-100% rest period for a few months.

That’s not even the best part, though. They are inconsistent with the reason: their guarantee of a break is that if it drops below 99.90%, you can get one month of credit on your account.

Obviously, any scheduled care or hacks that are impossible to guess are not included in this guarantee. However you will need to reach out and apply for a loan by sending a sponsorship ticket to their payment department within 30 days.

We’ve started to see a few more strangers appear with uptime guarantees recently, and it means all customers win as a result. Competitors who come out and do this help to raise the profile of the whole industry. It forces everyone on the market to match their guarantee and raise the standard level of service or risk lagging behind.

Final duration of the last 12 months:
January 2020 Medium rest period: 99.97%
December 2019 break time: 99.89%
November 2019 completion time: 100%
October 2019 expiration rate: 100%
September 2019 completion time: 100%
August 2019 deadline: 99.99%
July 2019 Medium rest period: 100%
June 2019 timeout rate: 99.99%
May 2019 break time ratio: 99.95%
Medium completion time for April 2019: 99.98%
March 2019 Break Time Rate: 99.99%
February 2019 Medium rest period: 100%

2. Good Support
HostGator provides a knowledge base, phone, email, and live chat support. The last option is the fastest, which connects to the rep service within 15 seconds.

We tried to ask them questions, we wandered from topic to topic, and they never once doubted it. Their staff seem knowledgeable, well-trained and friendly. It was a good experience all around.

3. 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
HostGator is so confident in its performance that it extends the company’s 30-day return policy for two weeks or more over 45 days.

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