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easyspace review

EasySpace offers a wide variety of web hosting, with the convenience of choosing from a large number of off-the-shelf plans, but also to customize hosting to suit your needs. This level of choice and flexibility ensures that there is something for every budget.

Shared hosting
EasySpace’s shared hosting plans are suitable for everyone from bloggers and business start-ups to established e-commerce companies.

Unlike many shared hosting providers that rent space on a specific server, EGPspace balances its cloud architecture and improves the availability of all of its web hosting plans.

Even in the shared hosting category, eGaps offers a lot of options. Here is a breakdown of the main options.

Standard plan
EasySpace offers what can be described as two shared standard shared hosting plans, one for commercial operators who promise up to 10GB of storage and up to five databases, and the other for unlimited disk space and databases. However, be aware that the definition of easy space of ‘unlimited’ is subject to acceptable usage policy, at 250 GB for shared hosting.

Both plans are available on Linux or Windows OS and use the Apache environment.

Customized plans
For complete convenience, Egyptspace allows you to create your own hosting plan. You get started by choosing one of four pre-packaged templates:

Company website with a maximum of 20 users
Download site
Site with many page hits
Large database-driven site.
Customizable hosting plans are a big draw for EasySpace customers. Some hosts give you this level of control.
While these templates make recommendations for your needs, you can customize your plan by selecting 200 email accounts, 50 GB of disk space and 20 MySQL databases. The price is calculated according to your choice, which is great to make sure you actually pay for what you need. With standard plans, you can also choose between Linux and Windows OS.

Fast WordPress Hosting Using NGINX
Super-fast NGINX server, a premium platform for high-performance WordPress sites, offers EasySpace customized hosting built into the environment. WordPress plans come with unlimited storage and database, 20 GB of email storage per domain and unlimited IMAP mailboxes. PHP Myadmin is included as standard.

E-Commerce Hosting
Choose from three plans that offer a capacity of 1000 to 10,000 product listings. Depending on the plan you choose, EasySpace’s e-commerce sites are ready to accept payments through PayPal WorldPay and HSBC, and integrate with eBay, Kelco and Google Base. All plans come with free design templates and product slideshows and you can choose to combine Flash and product search.

All shared hosting plans come with the following:

Free set up
Unlimited bandwidth
Backup and restore
Free ftp account
Free domain name
Unlimited subdomains
Google AdWords Voucher
Mailing Manager Email Marketing Credit
One click script installer
Open Exchange Webmail and Shared Information Manager
Create your own personal private server (VPS)
EasySpace Build Your Own VPS plan gives you the power to configure your hosting plan to suit your business needs.

If you are looking for more convenience and control from your web hosting, you should consider several benefits.

Full root administration access with SSH gives you more options to configure your server and install the software you want.
Extensive pre-set configuration options for popular web platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.
Flexible billing on monthly contract rolling.
Wide selection of web server platforms including Apache, NGNX and Lightspeed.
Resource and control room
Unlike VPS plans offered by other providers, EasySpace’s virtual server plan offers more storage. You can customize your own virtual environment with 50 GB of disk space and 8 GB of RAM.

All virtual server plans are built into Linux with Center, Debian and Ubuntu operating systems.

If you want to use it, the Plesk Control Panel comes standard with 10 free Plesk domain licenses. More can be purchased as add-ons and you can also choose to upgrade to the Plesk Power Pack. SSL certificates are charged extra as backup and restore.

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