123 Reg: Domain name registration and web hosting services

123 Reg offers a variety of web hosting plans for you to choose from.

Web hosting
With 123 Reg’s entry level hosting option, you can choose from four different plans. Plans vary for included domain names, supported websites, and disk space and database allocations.

If you want a blog-friendly option, all the basic plans will suit your needs.

123 Reg combines SSL certificates with just two high-end plans, but fortunately, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth.

Premium accommodation
For those who prefer more than basic web hosting, 123 Reig offers premium hosting, which the company “is also designed to handle super fast, super-reliable hosting websites.” ”

At this stage, there are three different schemes that you can choose from. You can think of VPS hosting (or cloud hosting) as options for managing these plans. 123 Reg is responsible for all tasks required to maintain or maintain the server, but you have access to the control panel to manage tasks related to your hosting and website.

The problem with this setup is less control over your server; Conversely you should minimize server administration.

Premium hosting plans come with a 99.99% time guarantee.

Venue-specific accommodation
123 Reg provides catering hosting plans for WordPress, Joomla and Magento Content Management System (CMS) customers. If you have a limited number of plans to choose from (two), you will have a pre-made, easy-to-use environment to support your CMS.

All plans come with free domain and email services, backup and restore services, one-click setup, unmetered bandwidth and site migration support.

Virtual private server
Sells 123 Reg Virtual Private Servers as an alternative to shared hosting.

VPS is a more advanced version of shared hosting, where you still share the server with most companies, but the number of websites on the server is usually limited to a small batch.

Additionally, you get access to devices and more advanced control panel modules that you get with a dedicated server.

123 Reg does not provide any dedicated servers, so this is the most advanced VPS you can get here. In fact, VPS is a bit more expensive than shared hosting, much cheaper than a private server.

Is 123 REG expensive?
It loads 123 reg shared hosting plans with solid features, yet keeps company prices low across the board.

Shared hosting is almost always affordable on a month-to-month basis, but it takes 123 reg industry leaders to cut costs. Not only that, the bandwidth of all shared hosting plans is unlimited and you get a free UK domain name to go with your plan. Some high-end plans also offer multiple domain names.

Having said that, check out the features you’d expect from the most popular shared hosting packages:

UK domain name to brand your site and name your company online
Free personal email accounts to match your company and domain names
Linux based hosting for high performance and speed at all times
Click the WordPress Installation button to launch your site in seconds
Support for programming languages ​​such as PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby
Support for at least one website. It goes to unlimited websites depending on your package.
Too much web space to store all your files
Increases traffic on unlimited bandwidth support
Support for MySQL database
Free SSL with selected plans. This includes regular backups of your site to keep your information safe.
Hosting that allows multiple sites on the same server
Fast loading time to boost your SEO and make your customers happy
Control room designed for beginners and those who need more technical facilities
Various Linux applications for WordPress, OSCommerce, Joomla, Drupal and MediaWiki
Some schemes include JavaScript generator
About 100 professional website templates to create your design
Simple and Advanced Website Statistics.
As you can see, each shared hosting plan has many additional features that are often not provided by competing companies.

Now you want to choose one of these shared hosting plans and checkout. Do you have to pay a monthly fee or do you have to go through all of this?

With most hosting providers, a monthly price is set on the website, but eventually you have to pay for the whole year. This is one of the disadvantages of the 123 reg, as it is a good idea to choose a six month plan. Or you can save some money and stop hosting for three years. 123 This does not seem possible when going through the reg.

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